Ergonomics Awareness Training: Empower Your Employees

Training is a key component to any safety or ergonomics program. Staff need to be aware and knowledgeable on the injury prevention program the organization has in place, including how to identify and report hazards in their jobs.

Providing a basic understanding of ergonomic principles that employees can apply to their daily work routine is the foundation to ergonomics awareness. By giving them the tools and knowledge to assess their own work tasks, they can become empowered to make choices related to postures, work methods, tool selection, etc. that reduce the risk of injury related to potential hazards.

Join us on February 28, International RSI Awareness Day, as we share tips and tricks for training your staff in practical and engaging formats to take care of their bodies when on the job.

Missed the webinar? Watch it here:

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Feb 28, 2022
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