Joint Health & Safety Committee Training

Committees are at the root of participatory ergonomics

Identify. Assess. Control

Preparing committees to deliver practical ergonomic solutions

Our customized committee training provides your workplace JHSC or Ergonomic Team with the foundation they need to effectively integrate MSD hazards into their existing injury prevention practices so that they can fulfill their legislated responsibility - identifying and addressing safety hazards in the workplace, conducting workplace inspections, and making recommendations for improvements when addressing the unique challenges of MSD hazards.

The hands-on nature of this session ensures that committee members not only acquire knowledge on ergonomics in the workplace but are also given opportunities to put that into practice through hazard identification exercises, practical exercise for onsite inspections, accident investigation case studies, and more, ensuring they are ready to ‘hit the ground running’ after this action-oriented session lead by highly experienced ergonomic trainers.

Why it's important

Discover tools and strategies to identify hazards and risk

JHSC are a proactive approach to health and safety and a valuable tool in preventing ergonomic injuries in the workplace but identifying hazards and assessing MSD injury risk requires tools and strategies that are different than other safety hazards making it challenging. This session demystifies ergonomics to allow committees to fulfill their legislative requirements by understanding how ergonomics fits into workplace inspections, investigations and controls.

Municipal lawn maintenance employee working safely to reduce ergonomic risk
Our Process

Confidently tackle ergonomic challenges in the workplace

This half or full day session provides education and practical application of the skills needed to ensure committees are ready to tackle ergonomic challenges in the workplace. Content is highly customizable with pictures, videos, and hands-on activities to meet each of our client’s needs. A high-level session outline is as follows:

"The feedback from our employees was overwhelmingly positive. The way in which the ergonomic training was conducted made it both enjoyable and a learning experience. The practical exercises were useful in offering 'hands on' experience. Jen was both professional and knowledgeable when delivering the training materials to our Joint Health and Safety Committee"

HSE Coordinator, Stackpole International

Brad Solman

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