Office Ergonomic Assessment

Improving comfort to increase productivity

Improving workstation set-up

Comfortable employees work in neutral posture

An Office Ergonomic Assessment is done one-on-one with an employee either virtually or in-person to ensure they are setup according to ergonomic guidelines at their computer workstation. During the assessment, the employee is educated on the principles of office ergonomics (as per the CSA standard) and factors such as workspace design, equipment, and layout are evaluated to determine whether the existing set-up supports good posture and aligns with ergonomic standards or where change is required.

Ergonomic assessments are an important early intervention step when an office employee reports discomfort. Whether used as part of a successful return to work/stay at work program, or as a proactive initiative, the assessment, helps improve set-up and increase comfort for workers.

Why it's important

Ensuring a healthy and productive team

Preventing ergonomic injury in the office begins with a good set-up and equipment that fits. Ensuring everyone has achieved proper alignment with their keyboard, mouse, and monitor and has a properly adjusted chair goes a long way to ensuring office workers remain healthy and productive at work.

Healthy team with proper ergonomic equipment and setup
Our Process

Addressing office ergonomic challenges one worker at a time

"Each experience with PROergonomics has been seamless! The team is professional, prompt with performing assessments, as well as reports. They are truly a pleasure to work with."

Corporate Services Manager, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Amanda Guppy

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