Job Match Assessment

Supporting successful, early, and safe RTW of injured employees

Compare. Match. Return.

Supporting disability management and RTW programs

A Job Match Assessment is used to determine whether an employee's documented functional abilities are a match to the demands of a specific job/task to aid in their successful return to work. Where a match is present, the task is suitable and where there is not a match, accommodation suggestions are made to assist with bringing the employee back to work.

Having an impartial party complete the job match assessment and provide clear recommendations on next steps can assist with smoothly navigating the RTW process, quickly getting buy-in from all stakeholders and helping support the employee during their recovery.

Why it's important

Demonstrate your commitment to early and safe RTW

Finding meaningful work is the ultimate goal of the RTW process. By completing a job match as soon as the employee’s functional abilities and job/tasks demands are known, you are supporting safe and early return to work into a job/task that is beneficial to all parties and demonstrating your commitment to the process with the WSIB.

Municipal waste collector demonstrating safe return to work practices
Our Process

Comparing employee abilities to job demands for safe RTW

PROergonomics' Job Match Assessment compares an employee's functional abilities (as per the employee's Functional Abilities Form (FAF), Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) or other medical restrictions) with the essential duties of a job as outlined in a Physical or Cognitive Demands Assessment (PDA/CDA).

If a PDA is not currently available, or not suitable for the Job Match Assessment, a comprehensive PDA can be completed for the position.

"I have always had an informative and great working relationship with PROergonomics. Their level of professionalism and knowledge is exceptional, they are always willing to work with the customer and recommend solutions."

Maintenance Supervisor, Cameco Port Hope Conversion Facility

Bill Martin

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