Building an in-house team of capable office ergonomic assessors

Custom interactive workshop

Building assessment confidence for healthier office workers

This unique session provides participants with the fundamental knowledge required to complete office ergonomic assessments in-house at your workplace (according to CSA Z412-17 Office Ergonomic Standard).

This interactive workshop is fully customized to highlight the standard equipment and workstations at your workplace and includes a section on “becoming an informed consumer” to assist your in-house assessors with making recommendations that will address worker’s specific discomforts and set-up needs and includes opportunities to practice completing an assessment to ensure every assessor is prepared to deliver an ergonomic assessment upon completion.

Why it's important

Support your internal ergonomic program

Having an in-house resource(s) that is trained on how to deliver initial office ergonomic assessments is an excellent way to support a robust office ergonomic program. Whether every new hire receives an ergonomic assessment or folks reporting minor discomfort receive a visit from a trained staff member, this can help you get ahead and stay ahead of discomforts in the office in a cost-effective way.

Office woman providing training to ergonomic assessor
Our Process

Expanding your team’s skill set to include office ergonomic assessments

This full day workshop provides up to 5 staff with education on office ergonomic principles (in accordance with CSA Office Ergonomic Standard CSA Z-412) and the tools and practice necessary to conduct initial office ergonomic assessments for staff. The content will be customized to highlight workplace equipment and workstation examples from your organization and will include hands-on practice to ensure staff feel confident in completing their first solo assessment. A brief session outline is as follows:

"I always felt a bit intimidated to do ergonomic assessments however after the one on one training with Alex I am confident in my assessment. It is awesome to see the changes that I suggested are being implemented and they are making a difference!"

HR / Health & Safety Coordinator, Municipality of Central Elgin

Anoushka Van den Bosch

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