Front Line Staff Training

Empowering staff to engage in preventing MSD injuries

Participatory Ergonomics Best Practices

Educating on safe work practices for reduced injury

Front line workers have a key role to play in injury prevention, hazard identification, and ongoing improvement in the workplace. By taking a participatory approach to ergonomics and providing front line staff with education on ergonomic hazards and best work practices, you are giving them the tools and knowledge they need to become active participants in MSD injury prevention. When your workplace ‘experts’ take care to work safely AND help drive practical workplace changes, it’s a win-win.

Each front-line staff training session is highly customized and collaborative, encouraging workers to participate in identifying hazards and problem solving their way to better work methods and workstation layouts, ensuring your goals are met and employee’s are positively engaged in understanding and applying the content.

Why it's important

Helping employees participate in working safely

Adhere to safety legislation and labour orders for worksite-specific training by tackling the responsibility of identifying and educating on the unique ergonomic hazards in your workplace. By engaging workers in the hazard identification and process improvement processes, you make them active participants in the prevention on MSD injuries.

Front line manufacturing worker showcasing best ergonomic practices
Our Process

Interactive training sessions for maximum engagement

Front-line staff sessions are typically 1-hour long and highly customized to showcase workplace specific examples, tools, equipment and more to ensure staff can make real-world connections with the ergonomic best practices covered. Content is created with pictures, videos, and hands-on activities of your processes, tools, and products. A high-level session outline is as follows:

"We were looking to complete ergonomic assessments and training for our staff. Our decision to use PROergonomics provided us with some of the best feedback we had from our production staff to date. Their professionalism and approachability and their ability to deliver on time, proved to us they were the right choice to make!"

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