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Ergonomic training that resonates with your staff, no matter what their role or what you do. Customized training sessions leverage industry and worksite-specific knowledge to provide informative and impactful learning opportunities for every participant.

Workplaces where all workers are engaged in actively preventing ergonomic injuries have the most successful MSD prevention programs! Take a participatory approach and educate front line workers on MSD hazards and injury prevention strategies in their work and get on the road to a safer workplace. We offer customized sessions on general ergonomic awareness, workplace-specific task training, safe manual handling, vehicle ergonomics, and more.

Elevate worker comfort and productivity with office ergonomic training. Our expert trainers increase office ergonomic awareness by providing the knowledge and practical solutions staff need to improve their workstation set-up and get comfortable in the office. From proper posture to equipment setup, we cover everything your employees need to know.

Identifying, communicating, and addressing hazards in the workplace is an essential step in any safety program and a key role and responsibility of Supervisors in the internal responsibility system. By providing education on identifying MSD hazards in the workplace, injury prevention strategies, ergonomic controls, and accident investigations for ergonomic injuries, Supervisors are provided with the tools they need to keep worker’s safe.

The JHSC has a vital role to play in promoting workplace health and safety, including addressing ergonomic concerns. By providing education on MSD hazards, accident investigation, and controls, committee members will effectively be able to support workplace ergonomic initiatives, address employee concerns, and develop effective and practical change solutions to improve work processes within the organization.

Build your team’s office ergonomic assessment skills to complete in-house office ergonomic assessments. An ergonomic champion with a sound understanding of office ergonomic principles can be a cost-effective way to provide proactive office ergonomic assessments for new hires or individuals reporting general discomfort at their workstation.

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