Municipal Ergonomics

Bringing ergonomic interventions to the office, field, LTC staff, and first responders

Field Workers. First Responders. LTC Staff.

Responding to the diverse ergonomic challenges in the public sector

Municipalities provide a unique and broad diversity of services to the public. The importance of ergonomics for office workers is easily understood but it’s important to take on projects and initiatives aimed at supporting those outside the office: field workers, first responders, and LTC staff. Their work is varied and often physically demanding and the impact of tools, equipment, work processes, education and even changes to procurement processes, can have a significant impact on injury prevention and workplace culture.

How we help

Ergonomic services for municipalities

We listen to your unique ergonomic challenges and provide customized assessment and training solutions to help you move forwards with ergonomic change in your workplace.

"I always felt a bit intimidated to do ergonomic assessments however after the one on one training with Alex I am confident in my assessment. It is awesome to see the changes that I suggested are being implemented and they are making a difference!"

HR / Health & Safety Coordinator, Municipality of Central Elgin

Anoushka Van den Bosch

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