Ergonomic Design Review

The next level of proactive ergonomic intervention

Prevent injuries, Improve Productivity

Ensuring designs meet ergonomic standards

An Ergonomic Design Review is an assessment completed during the design or concept stage for new equipment, tools, conveyors, and workstations or while making changes to a workstation layout and flow. The goal of an Ergonomic Design Review is to ensure the proposed design meets ergonomic standards by identifying the potential MSD hazards and “designing out” issues before they arrive.

Getting the design right the first time is the most cost-effective way to address ergonomic issues. A well executed design-review prevents MSD injuries, improves product quality, and increases productivity by incorporating lean manufacturing concepts, reducing wasted movements and time.

Why it's important

Identify injury risk before it happens

The best ergonomic programs are those founded in prevention, and Design Reviews are the ultimate in proactive ergonomic assessments. Identifying potential injury risk and making changes to the proposed design when still in the concept stage is far and away the most cost-effective approach to prevent injury and improve efficiencies in the workplace.

Training industrial workers on proactive ergonomic practices
Our Process

Incorporating ergonomic principles in design makes good cents

"I highly recommend PROergonomics to perform Ergonomic Risk Assessments. Their evaluation of our preliminary design has allowed us to optimize the design to improve ergonomics and not create new issues. PROergonomics has provided professional, courteous and prompt service."

Project Manager, Cameco Fuel Manufacturing

Ted Ratajczak

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