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MSD prevention through educated and empowered Supervisors

Identify. Coach. Collaborate

Equipping Supervisors to engage in ergonomics

Supervisors are the eyes and ears of your operation and ensuring that they can identify MSD hazards, coach on best work practices, and collaborate with workers to address MSD injury risk is key. This hands-on session will elevate your supervisors’ comfort level with ergonomics allowing them to successfully deliver safety/tailgate talks, provide job coaching to workers, and participate in workplace inspections and incident investigations that are focused on best practices in ergonomics.

Providing Supervisors with the tools they need to, in turn, educate and support front line workers, ensures that ergonomics is being discussed regularly and MSD injury prevention remains “top of mind” for all workers.

Why it's important

Supervisors play a pivotal role in promoting a workplace culture focused on ergonomics

Supervisors have a legal responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their workers and are required to educate workers on health and safety hazards and to enforce safety policies and procedures - and this includes MSD hazards. To do this effectively, supervisors need to be able to identify hazards in the workplace and encourage/educate on safe work practices that support healthy posture, lower forces, reduce repetition and reinforce controls that will lower MSD injury potential in the workplace.

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Our Process

Building the Supervisors toolbox of ergonomic knowledge and resources

This half or full day session provides education and practical application of the skills needed to ensure Supervisors are ready to actively problem solve the MSD challenges in the workplace. Content is highly customizable with pictures, videos, and hands-on activities to align with each of our client’s processes and needs. A high-level session outline is as follows:

"I was impressed with the level of professionalism in their delivery of training. The content was both practical and engaging, and their expertise really showed in the Q&A portion. I highly recommend PROergonomics for any ergo training/education needs!"

Ergonomist, Hamilton Health Sciences

Holance Chan

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