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A healthier office workplace for your whole team

Prevention through education

Supporting good ergonomic set-up at home and in the office

Office ergonomic training provides education and awareness on the principles of office ergonomics and preventing injuries among office workers. Our team delivers an interactive and practical session that increases office ergonomic awareness through education on ergonomic principles (in accordance with the CSA Standard for Office Ergonomics (CSA Z412-17)) and provides easy, practical solutions to common set-up challenges to help every attendee feel more comfortable working in the office.

This session can be delivered either in person or virtually and for staff working in the office or from home. We customize each session to ensure staff are presented with a variety of solutions regardless of where they are working from and use worksite-specific equipment/furniture examples and images, as available.

Why it's important

Empower your staff to make change

Office ergonomic training is the perfect option when looking to take a broader, more proactive, approach to ergonomics. This training provides all the education and set-up tips needed to achieve comfort at the workstation, addressing worker’s existing aches and pains and preventing future MSDs by tackling postural issues before they have a chance to cause discomfort.

Woman providing office ergonomic workstation training
Our Process

Customized to your specific work environment

This 1-hour long session is customized to address the chairs, furniture, and equipment present in your workplaces and follows the CSA Standard for Office Ergonomics, covering the following topics:

"The @Home Ergonomics webinar was exactly what our employees were asking for! The practical tips and creative solutions using common household items were ideal to help our colleagues work comfortably at home. The webinar format was educational and relatable, especially for staff that may not have had ergonomic training in the past. We found the videos, interactive polls, and live chat feature to be both engaging and helpful. Thank you for providing realistic advice for people working in all kinds of home offices!"

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Humber College

Pamela Homiak

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