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On your team

An ongoing ergonomic presence in your workplace

An In-House Ergonomist is a regular, consistent, and ongoing ergonomic presence in your workplace. By inviting one of our experts to become part of your team you can tap into the expertise of an ergonomist whenever you need it.

Our ergonomic specialists seamlessly integrate into your site and work with you to assess your needs, determine priorities, support ergonomic initiatives, launch MSD Prevention Programs, conduct assessments and/or deliver training, ensuring your ergonomics program is always taking a step forwards, no matter how busy you are.

Why it's important

Supporting your ergonomic initiatives

The Ergonomist’s purpose is to guide and support the ergonomic initiatives within your workplace helping to bring your program to the next level. The dynamic and highly flexible nature of this service allows you to prioritize prevention tasks based on what is currently occurring in your workplace and where your immediate and future needs are.

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Onsite Regularly

Flexible support: The service you need, when you need it

By committing to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly partnership, one of our experts will be onsite regularly to be part of your ergonomic initiatives. In addition to all our regular ergonomic services, the onsite ergonomist may also perform the following:

"We were looking to complete ergonomic assessments and training for our staff. Our decision to use PROergonomics provided us with some of the best feedback we had from our production staff to date. Their professionalism and approachability and their ability to deliver on time, proved to us they were the right choice to make!"

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