Job Hazard Assessment

A Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) is a document that focuses on identifying the safety risks associated with a job task prior to occurrence. The goal of the document is to comply with Occupational Health & Safety legislation and ensure that job hazards are identified, prioritized and controlled (i.e. policies and procedures, PPE).

This is a versatile, multi department tool that management can use to prevent and eliminate hazards in the workplace. It also serves as an educational tool for front line staff to know and understand the Safe Work Procedures for each job task and what hazards they may be exposed to while performing the same. In addition, the document evaluates the risks and also identifies potential injury or illness that could result from the hazard.

PROergonomics uses an objective data collection process involving the following:

  • Conducting interviews with employees and supervisors/managers
  • Observing and photographing the job/task during regular operation
  • Identification of the Job Tasks and their associated step-by-step safe work practices
  • Comprehensive report outlining the hazards for each job's tasks
  • Identification of potential job hazards and injury/illness results
  • Applying a risk rating to each hazard based on the severity and frequency of exposure
  • Documentation of existing workplace controls (i.e. training, signage, policies/procedures)

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