Ergonomic Design Review

An Ergonomic Design Review is an assessment done before implementation of new equipment, tools, workstations or changes to the workstation layout and flow. The goal of an Ergonomic Design Review is to ensure the proposed design will meet the ergonomic and accessibility needs of your facility and employees.

Design reviews minimize overall costs by:

  • "Designing out" ergonomic issues before implementation & start-up
  • Reducing the likelihood of musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) injuries
  • Educating Engineers and other design team members on basic ergonomic principles for future projects
  • Improving productivity and efficiency through reducing wasted movement and introducing lean manufacturing concepts

PROergonomics uses an objective approach to gather information on design measurements, work flow and task frequency as part of the assessment and compares the information to standardized guidelines where appropriate. We provide step-by step assistance as the design progresses to completion (i.e. CAD drawings, mock-ups, finalized concepts).

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