Physical / Cognitive Demands Assessment

A Physical Demands Assessment (PDA) is a document that describes the physical requirements of a job. A Cognitive Demands Assessment (CDA) describes the cognitive requirements of a job. Often people refer to a document that combines these requirements as a Job Demands Assessment (JDA).

Most frequently, a PDA/CDA (or JDA) is used in the Disability Management process to provide doctors, insurance providers, Return to Work Specialists and other stakeholders with objective data about the physical and cognitive requirements of the position.

Ergonomic consultants at PROergonomics use an objective measurement process to complete the PDA/CDA which includes:

  • Customization of PDA/CDA format to meet clients' needs
  • Conducting interviews with employees and supervisors/managers
  • Observing and photographing the job/task during regular operation
  • Quantitative measurement of forces, weights, frequencies and other applicable data
  • Objective time study measurements of postures, mobility and strength demands
  • Objective description of cognitive demands of job, including time management, supervisory, memory, communication, and focus & attention skills
  • Comprehensive report outlining the findings which includes a detailed Essential Duties section

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