Ergonomic Training

PROergonomics' training is designed to provide a higher level of education and awareness on ergonomics, health & safety and wellness topics. Our goal is always to provide hands on, practical sessions that really engage attendees - we want them to be active participants in the training session, not just 'attendees'. Using pictures, videos and examples or case studies that are directly from your workplace helps the audience to apply the learning to their everyday work.

Examples of popular training sessions/topics include:

  • Ergonomics Awareness (for Front Line Staff, Supervisors/Management)
  • Manual Material Handling Training (custom to the work environment)
  • Train-the-Assessor Office Ergonomics Workshop (learn to do basic office ergonomic assessments)
  • Office Ergonomics 101 (Lunch & Learn)
  • JHSC or Ergonomics Team Training
  • Vehicle Ergonomics Training
  • Ergonomic Risk Assessments: Build Your Toolbox
  • How to Complete a Physical Demands Assessment
  • Enhancing Disability Management Programs using Ergonomics
  • Developing an Ergonomics Program

PROergonomics will work with you to determine an appropriate length of session (1 hour to multi-day) and customize content as needed. Handouts, giveaways and manuals are always available upon request.

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