Cognitive Demands Assessments (CDA)

To complete an objective Cognitive Demands Assessment remotely, our staff will complete the assessment using the following:

  1. Job Description - this is a key tool when completing all CDAs as it provides the most objective and detailed breakdown of the job and often includes percentages of time allotted for each duty
  2. Sample Work Products - if applicable, the Ergonomist will review sample work products that the employee would generate (e.g. reports, website content, marketing communication documents) to better understand the associated cognitive demands.
  3. Other documentation - as available, we would also review SOPs, work instructions, training records, and more and would consult with the employer to determine which would be beneficial
  4. 60-minute Interview - staff in the role will meet with the Ergonomist virtually to discuss the cognitive demands of the job and the connection of the cognitive demands to the essential duties of the position to aid in generating a detailed description of how often and to what level of complexity that demand is required.
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