Virtual Supervisor Ergonomics Training


Ensuring Public Works Supervisors are trained and able to identify MSD hazards at the workplace and Public Works job sites is key to successfully advancing MSD prevention programs for these departments. The goal of our virtual public sessions is to bring Public Works Supervisors together from Ontario Municipalities to receive education on key topics related to their roles and responsibilities in preventing MSDs in their work groups.

Delivered in 2, 2-hour online interactive sessions live with one of our Certified Professional Ergonomists, Public Works supervisors will join a cohort of their peers from other municipalities to learn to:

  • Identify Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Hazards
  • Conduct workplace/worksite inspections
  • Complete accident investigation for MSD injuries
  • Generate controls for identified hazards

This session content closely mirrors the in-person session that PROergonomics delivered in-person during the MOL Initiative for Public Works in 2018-2019 with the goal of providing continued training for Municipal Public Works Supervisors. This is ideally suited to supervisors needing to be trained on MSD hazards to minimize MSD injury risk to Public Works staff.

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$165.00 per person

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