Office Ergonomic Assessments

All PROergonomics Office Ergonomic Services have been specifically designed to ensure our clients are in compliance with the current CSA Z412 Standard: Office ergonomics - An application standard for workplace ergonomics.

Office Ergonomic Assessments

An Office Ergonomic Assessment is done one-on-one with an employee to ensure they are setup correctly at their computer workstation to minimize or prevent discomfort.

The Ergonomic Consultant and the employee work together to achieve the optimal setup by discussing existing concerns, employee discomfort levels and workstation usage needs. The employee receives one-on-one education about the optimal way to set-up their computer workstation in accordance with the CSA Office Ergonomic Standard (Z412-17) including opportunities for increased movement in the work day.

A full report is provided to the client following the assessment which identifies all adjustments made while onsite, detailed recommendations for any further equipment or accessories that may be needed and a summary of work method suggestions communicated to the employee.

Office Ergonomic Training

PROergonomics' office ergonomic training is designed to provide a higher level of education and awareness on the principles of office ergonomics.

Our goal is to provide hands on, practical sessions that will increase office ergonomic awareness in the workplace by education participants about proper office set-up, body mechanics and healthy work practices (in accordance with CSA Z412-17). PROergonomics customizes all training sessions to meet our clients' needs, using work site-specific examples (including equipment and furniture) as available.

Sample Outline:

  • Introduction to ergonomics
  • Summary of Musculoskeletal Disorder injuries (MSDs)
  • Workstation set-up guidelines (in accordance with CSA Z412-17)
    • Working heights (sitting and standing)
    • Chair
    • Keyboard/Mouse
    • Monitor
    • Accessories
  • Work method suggestions
    • Reaching
    • Breaks & stretching
    • 20-20-20 vision rule
    • Mobility opportunities in the work day

Our Train-the-Assessor training approaches office ergonomics in a practical, hands-on way, giving staff the opportunity to learn HOW to conduct an office ergonomic assessment as well as product demos and discussion about why and when certain equipment recommendations make sense.

With in-depth product reviews, group discussions, and expert guidance from our Ergonomists, as well as an opportunity for your staff to shadow and lead ergonomic assessments for their peers as practice, helps to ensure the proper set-up and recommendation(s) are made for each employee.

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