Threads of Life: Steps for Life

Did you know that each day, 3 families will learn that a loved one, whether a father, mother, uncle, or daughter, will not make it home from work due to a workplace injury or accident? This doesn�t include the hundreds who will be seriously injured, and the thousands of families, communities and workplaces who will be affected as a result.

The Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support, more simply known as Threads of Life, supports these families who are healing and transitioning to this new life following an unexpected casualty or debilitating workplace injury. On May 6th, PROergonomics is happy to join countless others for a 5km walk, Steps for Life. We want to do our part to bring awareness to this event, educate the community on the distressing effects of workplace accidents, and most importantly, make a meaningful contribution to help prevent such workplace incidents.

Join us in Barrie (or at one of over 30 other communities across Canada) for the 5km walk. Volunteer your time at your local walk! Donate to the cause! But most of all, show your support and help spread awareness.

Visit the Steps for Life website to learn more about getting involved in the walk in your area.

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