Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the scientific discipline involved with understanding the interactions between humans/workers and the elements of a system/workplace (e.g. tools, equipment, etc.). In essence, it�s about fitting the work to the worker rather than the other way around. But why is this important and what advantages do ergonomic initiatives hold for various workplaces?

  1. Ergonomics reduce employee injury risk
    One of the primary goals of ergonomics is to eliminate or at least drastically mitigate the likelihood of workplace musculoskeletal injuries (i.e. strains, sprains, soft tissue injuries), meaning a safe and healthy workplace and workforce.
  2. Ergonomic increases savings and reduces workplace costs
    As a result of decreased injury and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) occurrences, ergonomic initiatives should also generate a decrease in the number of workers' compensation claims, including both the direct and indirect costs of an injury.
  3. Ergonomics increase employee morale and promotes a strong safety culture
    Ergonomic initiatives demonstrate a strong commitment, on the company's part, to health and safety and ultimately, the well-being of all employees. A focus on ergonomics will almost undoubtedly be notices by the employees, and more importantly, appreciated by them.
  4. Ergonomics improves productivity and workplace efficiency
    Ergonomic initiatives are often implemented not only to prevent injury, but also to create a more efficient workspace and improve workflow. With improved working postures, less wasted movement and likely reduced exertion from the work tasks, ergonomics should demonstrate an improvement in overall productivity.
  5. Ergonomics provides a strong return on the investment
    Ergonomics comes down to simple numbers. A typical injury claim can cost, on average, $32,000 (including both direct and indirect costs). If the entire ergonomics initiative costs $5,000 and prevents at least one injury (and hopefully more), then that is a cost-savings! Not to mention, we have prevented someone from experiencing an injury - which can have quite the effect on them personally. Simply put, it ties back into the reduced costs and increased savings.

If you are looking for justification to invest in ergonomic initiatives, or points to present to upper management for buy-in, these are great starting points! Just remember, a safe and healthy workforce is a productive and efficient workforce.

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