Working Ergonomically While Travelling

Many companies have incorporated working remotely and telecommunicating as a normal practice in their organization. As exciting as it may be to travel or work from home, it may present certain ergonomic hazards such as awkward or static postures that aren�t as desirable.

For this reason, here are some ideas to be as ergonomic as possible, regardless of where you work from.

  • Whether you�re on a train or plane, or you�re in a hotel room, adjust your seat to provide optimal back support and promote neutral postures. Even if the chair is only minimally adjustable (or not at all!), it may benefit you to improvise to create adequate solutions. For example, use a small, rolled-up towel or carry a small lumbar cushion in your laptop bag to ensure proper lumbar support.
  • Use computer accessories to promote the best possible postures when seated at an unfamiliar workstation. For example, carry a keyboard, mouse, and lightweight laptop stand in your laptop bag to improve the ergonomics of your travel workstation.
  • Make the most of your hotel room. Some hotels have a decent ergonomic set-up or accessories that you can request. Inform yourself of what is available to you and use what is at your disposal (for example: books or ice buckets can work as a makeshift laptop stand).
  • A 2-wheeled suitcase requires that you reach behind you and pull, placing your shoulders and wrists in awkward postures while pulling. Instead, consider using a 4-wheeled suitcase that will place the bag directly by your side and improve both shoulder and wrist postures.
  • Rather than carrying a single strap laptop bag over one shoulder, consider using either a laptop backpack to even the load across your shoulders. Better yet, strap your laptop bag to your suitcase to avoid carrying it altogether.
  • Take frequent breaks. Just like any seated job, remember to move at work once or twice an hour.

With a little of the proper know-how and an accessory or two, travel for work can be more comfortable.

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