Product Review � Contour RollerMouse Free2

Contour Rollermouse

Is shoulder pain or discomfort a factor for yourself? Or for an assessment you recently did? There are many possible solutions to consider, though the first step should always be doing a thorough assessment to try to determine the root cause of the discomfort. You may then want to consider alternate styles of mouse devices to get some relief.

For an individual experiencing challenges with a traditional mouse, an option to consider is the RollerMouse Free2 from Contour Design: an unconventional of mouse. In essence, this �mouse� is a bar that users position in front of their keyboard, and sliding the bar side to side and rolling it forward and back controls the cursor. This can drastically help to improve shoulder postures since reaching is eliminated. Additionally, since the RollerMouse is positioned directly in front of the body, it promotes bilateral (two handed) use, which can provide some relief to those with wrist issues. Although it may seem challenging to get accustomed to this unconventional style, there is a relatively small learning curve to become comfortable using this product.

On the contrary, however, the one major drawback is the price point. Compared to standard mice and other simpler options, the RollerMouse Free2 retails for more than $200. Depending on the injury or ergonomic issue, this may be the most suitable option in ultimately addressing the root cause and overall is a small price to pay to enable someone to work without discomfort!

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