Product Review:

Oristand Sit-Stand Desk

The way in which we work at our desk has become increasingly complex in recent years. With the advent of numerous headlines suggesting that �sitting is the new smoking�, it is no wonder that the pursuit of suitable and affordable standing desk options has become a thought. Height adjustable desks allow office workers to alternate between sitting and standing postures, and ultimately build movement into their workdays, preventing static postures; however, these often come at a relatively steep price point. The Oristand attempts to provide a simple, and most of all, cost-effective option.

The Oristand standing desk is a collapsible, cardboard unit, that can simply be opened up and added to an existing desktop. These units, although with recognizable benefits, also present a few drawbacks from an ergonomic standpoint.

On the positive side, in addition to allowing for alternation between sitting and standing and costing around only $25, they are lightweight and portable, and can be taken with you for use at the office, at home, or in a conference room during meetings. Although the unit is made of cardboard, it is relatively strong in that it can support up to 60 lbs.

On the other hand, consider the primary drawback, and it�s a pretty big one from an ergonomic perspective. Consider the people using these units, and more specifically, the various heights of the individuals using them. Different standing heights means different working heights. The lack of adjustability in the height of each of the platforms may not allow the user to type/mouse at elbow height and/or position the top of their monitor at eye height. As a result, what was used to combat ergonomic hazards (i.e. static sitting) simply creates further hazards (i.e. awkward and static postures).

For some individuals, this unit may be perfect, however, for others it may simple create further ergonomic issues. So, be sure to do your research before implementing one of these attachments.

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