Tips for Mobile Laptop Users

Mobile offices are becoming more and more of a norm in today�s business world. However, laptops can generate immense ergonomic issues, including awkward and often, static, postures. Here are 3 common problems with continuous laptop work and potential solutions:

  1. Laptop and keyboard are attached
    The laptop monitor is attached to the keyboard, and when placed on a desk (or lap), forces us to crane our neck down to view the screen causing strained and awkward postures. To better promote neutral postures when using a laptop, use a laptop stand to angle the laptop and align the top of the screen closer to seated eye height.
  2. Use a separate keyboard and mouse
    Use of a laptop stand is likely to result in an inability to use the attached keyboard and mouse. To ensure you maintain neutral wrist and shoulder postures, consider using a separate keyboard and mouse to reduce any wrist and shoulder strain.
  3. Remember to move
    Much like a typical workstation, we can easily get sidetracked and �forget� to move. Get up and move about at least once every 30 minutes to prevent static postures. It may be a couple quick stretches or a walk to a communal printer, but it all helps.
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