Developing an Ergonomic Purchasing Standard

Here is a summary of questions and answers from our November webinar on how to save time and money by buying the right product the first time and every time! Give us a call or email if you have further questions.

Question: "Once product is standardized (to a particular task), how do you suggest to guide staff to purchase the correct solution? Do you include in the ergonomic purchasing policy?"

The standardization of products is one phase of the process. Assigning them to the various tasks in the workplace is another. Lastly is the development of the policy whereby the standardize equipment list would be references as an appendices.

Question: "Do you identify the task, in the policy?"

Not necessarily. If you want to categorize jobs (i.e. Director, Manager, Supervisor, Sales, IT etc.) and outline what should be provided upon hire then that would be a good fit for the policy step. For example it is poor ergonomic planning to provide employees with a laptop but not a laptop stand/docking station if they are required to work on a desk. If your company doesn�t want to get into identifying job category needs then you would leave it out as the requirements will be on a as needed basis through retroactive assessments.

Question: "Do you have additional information on stand/sit desks?"

Sit/Stand workstations are a big thing right now and unless a company is looking to make a blanket decision to go sit/stand (which I am not necessarily promoting) they really should be looked at in case specific scenarios. Due to the cost and various options out there and the height adjustability requirements of the employee there can be successes and failures if not all aspects of why a sit/stand workstation is being looked at is reviewed.

Question: "Any recommendations for offices that constantly rotate workers of all shapes and sizes? We have several work stations that are small cubicle type stations that are attached together with partial privacy panels."

Workplaces with high turnover should really look at their workstations as an investment and spend some time looking at various adjustability options (i.e. keyboard trays that rise above desk height, monitor arms that lower to desk level etc.) A large percentage of the working population can be set up ergonomically with these equipment options. I would recommend that a chair selection criterion (for the purchasing standard) be that they come in various sizes (i.e Global�s Obusform comfort comes in regular and large, their Tri-tek chair is 100% scalable). These could be provided in regular for the most part but individuals that need a larger or smaller option would require an assessment to ensure that fit is accurate. Generally speaking low profile cubicle walls are for organizations trying to foster a �collaborative learning� experience for their employees (i.e. google). They aren�t really recommended for work that requires privacy or confidentiality.

Question: "Can you send out a copy of the Triple A Check assessment?"

The Triple A Check Assessment is used to complete an assessment of your workstation to identify opportunities for ergonomic improvement. We can send out a copy of this tool, just send us an email to request it. Thanks!

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