Looking for Ergonomic Training for your Staff?

We often get asked if we provide training. The answer: Yes, of course we do! We love to provide training sessions.

The next question is usually a series of questions actually ... Is the training online? Or do you go in to a company and provide training at their location? How long are your training sessions? What topics do you offer?

The answers are as follows...

We can do online or in-house training, depending on what is the best fit for the topic and our client's needs.

As an example, each month we offer ergonomic webinars. We choose a different topic each month based on industry trends and requests from our faithful webinar followers. These are great opportunities to expand on or refresh your ergonomics knowledge - whether it be for yourself, your Joint Health & Safety Committee, or your employees. These webinar topics can easily be translated to a Lunch & Learn session to be presented live in-house, or we can present private webinar offerings. We typically keep our webinars and Lunch & Learn sessions to 45-60 minutes in length.

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Webinars may be popular in today's tech world, but there is still something personable and lasting about hosting training sessions in-person. The face-to-face contact can really help captivate an audience. Our goal is always to provide hands on, practical sessions that really engage attendees to increase ergonomic awareness in the workplace - we want them to be active participants in the training session, not just 'attendees'. Using pictures, videos, examples or case studies that are directly from our client's workplace helps the audience to apply the learning to their everyday work.

As for training topics, here are some upcoming sessions we have planned:

  • Injury Prevention for Office Workers. 1.5 hour sessions with groups of employees.
  • Identifying Ergonomic Hazards in the Workplace. Half day session.
  • Developing an Ergonomics Program. 2 hour session.
  • Ergonomic Training for Ergonomic Committees (or Joint Health & Safety Committees): 2 full days is ideal to train on Ergonomics Awareness & How to Conduct Ergonomic Risk Assessments.
  • Ergonomic Training for Ergonomic Committees (or Joint Health & Safety Committees): 1 full day of training on Conducting Physical Demands Assessments.
  • Injury Prevention for Custodial Staff. 2 hours.
  • Or, we can customize the title and content to fit the unique challenges of your workplace. Fill in the blank: "Injury Prevention for _______".

Perhaps we'll see you at a conference this Fall where we'll be speaking as experts in our field.

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