June 2021 Newsletter:

Learning Trends for 2021

The global pandemic has necessitated workplace changes at every turn, from new plexiglass barriers to work from home to reorganizing the office to allow for appropriate distancing between staff. There has been no shortage of challenges and resulting changes!

To respond to the need to limit physical interaction between persons, one of these trends is a swing towards online or virtual training sessions instead of in-person. eLearning increased in popularity significantly due to COVID restrictions, and workplaces are exploring the potential advantages of this method of training and how to leverage those benefits to help create a more robust and sustainable training program.

Some interesting thoughts and statistics related to the emergence of eLearning trends:

  • 90% of companies used eLearning as a training tool in 2020
  • eLearning takes between 40-60% less time than traditional training
  • eLearning is more flexible; take a course when itís relevant to you and apply the content immediately

Arguably two of the biggest advantages of eLearning is the decrease in the amount of time required and the flexibility. Virtual training sessions present information in succinct and efficient ways saving time for other things. Add to that the flexibility to take the session when you are available and more importantly, when it directly applies to what you are doing and you can put it into practice immediately, which can increase usage and retention.


Another potential advantage of eLearning is the concept of microlearning, or ďchunkingĒ content, into small learning sessions. The concept is based around just-in-time delivery, short bursts of content that can be looked up, reviewed or taken for the first time as itís needed.

Lean Learning

Another concept with a similar concept is Lean Learning. The idea here is to match the learning to the audience, or user, at the right time to facilitate good flow and minimize waste (itís rooted in the Six Sigma Lean Process). eLearning is ideally situated to assist organizations with eliminating waste as the training is delivered when itís needed to the individuals that need it.

Application to Ergonomics

In terms of ergonomics, considering something like a short module on musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) accident investigation designed for a supervisor or committee member prepares them to conduct the investigation, reminding them of key steps, tips and strategies and overall process flow. A fresh reminder directly before you perform an infrequent task is likely to increase the effectiveness, improve the data collected as well as increase efficiency because the content is fresh in the mind.

Virtual training has been a hot topic around PROergonomics these past few months and weíre actively working to bring to market the PROergonomics Online Learning System that will help to meet some of these criteria, better supporting workplaces to achieve comprehensive ergonomic training practices delivered in practical and applied ways.


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What's Next from PRO to support WFH?

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