February 2021:

The Work From Home Issue

Did a new year bring a new outlook on work from home at your workplace? In 2020 we saw a huge shift to temporary work from home (WFH) as businesses across Ontario responded to COVID-19 by shutting their doors to visitors and staff alike in response to increased COVID case numbers, business restrictions, emergency measures and stay-at-home orders. Effectively, COVID-19 forced companies to make hasty changes to adapt to WFH for many staff which may have included sourcing equipment, addressing discomforts and injuries as they arose, navigating alternate work schedules, etc.

As we start into the new year what we are hearing and seeing is that some organizations have begun to look at WFH as a permanent option, at least part-time for some staff, which begs the questions:

Will 2021 be the year of permanent remote work?

How is your workplace prepared to support workers and prevent MSD injuries in a WFH situation?

Special 3-Part WFH Webinar Series:

We think these are very important questions and want workplaces to have the knowledge and tools in place to navigate this transition smoothly! We want our clients to have plans and strategies in place to proactively tackle potential issues associated with permanent WFH and to be able to identify MSD hazards at the outset to protect themselves and workers from MSD injuries, discomforts, and the associated costs in their home workspace.

Thatís why we are excited to be launching a 3-part webinar series focused on 3 key components of permanent WFH strategies that we think workplaces should be considering! This webinar series will take place during our regular monthly webinars in February, March and April and will focus on these 3 topics:

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. WFH Equipment Strategies
  3. MSD Prevention Education/Training

Visit our Events page to register for these upcoming webinars.

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