November 2020 Newsletter:

A Quick Walk-through of MSD Prevention Guidelines for Ontario

This month we are talking about getting back to basics and focusing on ensuring you have an MSD Prevention Program that works to successfully reduce MSD injuries in your workplace.As part of that conversation it seemed a good time to (re)focus your attention on the MSD Prevention Guidelines for Ontario which can be accessed at Reviewing some key details and resources available on this web resource can help you succeed in developing and executing the program at your workplace.

Quick Start, Basic and Comprehensive Guidelines

Recognizing that every workplace is unique; different numbers of staff, different MSD hazards and their own background, experience and history with MSDs, the Guidelines were built to support workplaces at all stages of MSD prevention.By selecting the right Guideline: Quick Start, Basic, or Comprehensive every workplace can find appropriate action steps and resources that make sense for them.The best part Ė all the Guidelines include posters that can make for great additions to a safety board or the basis for a new safety or tailgate talk!

Tool Picker

If you are evaluating a basic task or looking for a more advanced tool to use for assessment of identified hazards within a task; the Tool Picker in the Risk Assessment and Controls Section is a great resource.After entering some basic information about the hazard you are assessing risk for, the Tool Picker will provide you with some recommended tools that you should consider using to conduct your assessment.

Resource Library

This extensive cache of resources, summary sheets and tools is a fabulous way to grab some sample forms and other documentation that would help you build or enhance your existing program.Look for key items like Workplace Inspection Forms, Hazard Identification Forms, Perceived Exertion and Discomfort Surveys (to name only a few!).These ready to use documents can be directly incorporated into your practice or modified to better align with your program.

If you are familiar with the original MSD Prevention Guideline book format but havenít invested the time to check out the new web-based format we encourage you to take some time; itís worth the look.We suspect youíll come away with at least one idea on how to make a change to your program and MSD prevention practices!


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