COVID-19: Update from PROergonomics

As businesses in the the province gradually start to re-open, we are happy to announce our onsite services have resumed!

We are adhering to recommendations from governing bodies within Ontario and Canada, including our regulating body, the College of Kinesiologists of Ontario and will ensure that the health and safety of our staff and our clients remains a top priority!

Our staff will be equipped with their own PPE, including masks and gloves, and we have enhanced protocols on disinfecting our equipment between clients, and throughout the day as necessary when moving between onsite areas or meeting with different employees. As always, we will be following guidelines as per the site requirements of our clients, and we will ensure to confirm this prior to our onsite arrival.

We can't wait to see you again!

Please note that we will continue offering virtual services for those clients who continue to work remotely, and STAY TUNED for our soon-to-be-released Back@Work service packages.

Jen, Sarah and Alex

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