April 2020 Newsletter

Adapting to Working From Home

All of a sudden, many organizations have their employees deployed to working from home. Maybe working from home is something your staff did only on occasion or as needed, but now it is the new normal for everyday as we abide by the “stay home” precautions in place. Were you prepared for this?

To help you get organized, we suggest breaking it down into 3 categories:

  1. Education
    Ensuring employees have a proper ergonomic set-up while working at home can be challenging but not impossible. The ergonomic principles remain the same (GOAL: neutral postures!) but HOW to achieve that will look a little different working from home vs. a traditional office. There are likely many items available at home that will surprisingly do the trick.
  2. Tools
    An external mouse and keyboard should be a minimum part of your employee’s take home kit with their laptop. It will provide so many more options for achieving improved postures. Paired with education on ergonomic setup, your staff will have the tools to make the best of this temporary situation.
  3. Wellness
    There is a lot of change happening right now. Major adjustments. Working at home can be challenging. This creates added stress! Providing support to staff is important to reduce burnout. Consider Safety Talk topics such as: tips on how separate work from home, reminders on the benefits of taking regular breaks, or stretching suggestions.

    And make sure to touch base with your colleagues regularly. Phone calls are fine, but nothing beats face to face communication. Try for a video meeting using your webcam or smartphone. If delivering training or your safety huddles, consider having your webcam on instead of just broadcasting PowerPoint slides. It’s worth it for the added connection.

If you’re not sure where to start, or just want some additional ideas, make sure to tune into our free webinar on April 15th on “Managing Ergonomics for Remote Workers”.

We’ve also developed our @Home Ergonomics Service Package which is customizable to meet the needs of your organization, including a live webinar for staff on how to setup up their home ”office” and options to do virtual assessments for individuals who may have additional accommodation needs.

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