October 2019 Newsletter:

In-House Office Ergonomic Assessors – Road Map to Success

You have hundreds of office employees in your workplace. Let’s say 50 or more of these workers have mentioned, whether seriously or in passing, that an ergonomic assessment would be fantastic to have done for their workstation. But, the cost to hire an ergonomist to complete individual assessments for each employee may be too steep. So, how do you tackle this ergonomic concern?

Enter a Train-the-Assessor Office Ergonomics initiative.

A Train-the-Assessor approach involves selecting a handful of ergonomic champions from within your workplace and training them to provide basic ergonomic assessments to staff. The exact layout of the program varies a bit client to client but one of the best applications of the Assessors newfound skills is during the on-boarding process as each new staff could benefit from being set-up properly at their station from the start; effectively reducing injury risk for years to come.

Our Train-the-Assessor training approaches office ergonomics in a practical, hands-on way, giving staff the opportunity to learn how to conduct an office ergonomic assessment as well as product demos and discussion about why and when certain equipment recommendations make sense. The in-depth product reviews, group discussions, and expert guidance from our Ergonomists as your staff shadow and lead ergonomic assessments for their peers as practice helps to ensure the proper set-up and recommendation(s) are made for each employee.

We have several clients that are executing this approach to Office Ergonomics with great success but keep in mind this only works if you feel you have competent, well-trained people that have time to dedicate to completing assessments. You and your team need to recognize their limitations; assessments that involve highly complex injuries and discomforts, are the result of a doctor’s note or recurring issues with a single staff member are examples that are likely outside their scope and should involve an Ergonomist.

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