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What mouse to use with a finger injury?

Question: I have an employee who appears to have RSI in her index finger of her mousing (right) hand. I suggested she use her left hand for mousing but this takes practice. Any recommendations for a different mouse?

Our PRO Answer :

If left-handed mousing is not a viable option, one option to consider is a mouse like the Contour Mouse. A standard mouse typically results in the index finger performing both clicking and scrolling. The Contour Mouse has the scroll wheel positioned on the side, which allows for the thumb to do the scrolling. This mouse comes in different sizes to match various hand sizes and is designed with longer buttons to promote a whole finger click rather than a fingertip click. That means the fingers are not held in a “click-ready” position but are instead relaxed and supported; i.e. less strain on the index finger.


The Contour Mouse also has 3 click buttons, so the middle button defaults as a “double click” button. It is easier to encourage middle finger use, and with fewer clicks (only 1 button click when a double click is needed!) this helps to reduce frequency of use of the index finger.

Refer to the Contour website for additional information on the Contour Mouse and a sizing chart.

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