Product Review:

Wedge-It: The Ultimate Portable Temporary Door Stop

You’re carrying a ladder, pushing a large cart (think of those large carts used for garbage collection), carrying multiple boxes or packages – and the door you need to get through does not have an electric opener, nor is a doorstop or mag lock available to prop the door open. So, you contort yourself, bending forward and reaching beyond your comfortable limits, all to hold the door open as you get yourself and your ladder, cart, boxes though. Does this sound like a situation you’ve been in?

While doing an assessment with a client recently, we came across this neat gadget that may help to alleviate these awkward postures!

The Wedge-It is a lightweight (under 3 oz.), compact and portable door stop that fits in your pocket (or can hang from your belt), and is designed to hold doors open to a 90-degree angle in 3 different methods: over the top of the door, over the hinge, or at the bottom of the door (like a standard door stop). Voila! An instant solution to your ergonomic concerns.

The Wedge-It door stop is a useful solution for a wide variety of organizations, including emergency services, moving and delivery companies, janitorial services, casinos, hotel/motel industries, security services, schools, hospitals and long term care facilities – any place you need to temporarily prevent a door from closing to complete a task!

Check out to learn more, or watch the video below, to see if it could be useful in your workplace.

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