Sit-Stand Workstations

A recent injury case we were assisting with required the implementation of a sit-stand workstation to alleviate back pain and leg numbness associated with prolonged sitting after an accident.

If you have an employee who is going to need to alternate between sitting and standing regularly throughout the day, like this employee, you will want to consider the following:

1. Electric Height Adjustability

This feature is essential; the workstation height is adjusted at the touch of a button. A manually height adjustable desk often involves a crank feature requiring the employee to manually crank the desk up or down. Picture opening and closing a car window manually 4-6 times per day � an employee with a back injury likely will have trouble with this!

2. Programmable Heights

This is a great feature as it allows the injured employee to pre-program their standing and sitting working heights into the desk memory. Whenever they want to sit to work they press �1� and when they want to stand they press �2�. A little �luxury� that goes a long way to ensuring employees are always working at the correct height.

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