Back Supports When On the Go

Proper lumbar support is important when sitting, regardless of where you are. A good quality office chair should offer adjustable lumbar support and as long as it is adjusted properly, should be sufficient to helping with decent spine postures. However, lumbar support is not always built in to the seats we may be sitting in � meeting room chairs, hotels, or vehicles, just to give a few examples.

An option to consider for these occasions is an external lumbar support cushion. While there are several backrest products on the market, it is important to choose one that will truly offer the right lumbar support for you. Backrest products by Innotech do just that.

Take a look at the EmbraceAIRPlus Backrest. It offers:

  • A contoured backrest
  • 10� vertically adjustable air chamber for lumbar support
  • Open cell foam (15 year life) which contours to your body naturally, while the frame offers gentle lateral support
  • Lifetime warranty on our air valve system and an limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

Visit Innotech�s website for more detailed information and a demo video.

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