Ergonomic Tips for using your Smartphone

Although smartphones enable us to conveniently “stay connected” with everyone and everything around us regardless of our physical location, they unfortunately promote pretty poor postures. It’s pretty typical to see someone on their phone with their head bent down, back slouching forward and fingers or thumbs speedily typing on a tiny keyboard or touchscreen. Combine these poor postures with prolonged use (the average person spends approximately 2.8 hours per day on their smartphone!), and you’ve got a recipe for injury.

how can you prevent your risk of injury when using your smartphone? Here are a few tips to try:

  • Change the way you use the device. For example, hold your phone with the hand you use less frequently or type messages with your index finger to give your thumbs a rest
  • Avoid positions that keep your elbow flexed for long periods of time. For example, use a hands-free device instead of holding the phone to your ear and move away from the computer so that your elbows are straighter as you type
  • Take frequent breaks
  • When possible, take advantage of word prediction or auto complete tools which can be used on your phone.
  • Use your phone in a vertical position while typing; this will reduce the amount of reaching space your thumb will have to cover to push a key.
  • Switch to a telephone call or your laptop if the texting (or surfing) session starts getting too lengthy.
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