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Hosted by PROergonomics, the Industrial Ergonomic Conference will be an amazing way to help organizations take their ergonomics program to the next level (or get one off the ground!).  Improve your bottom line by taking ergonomic action this year! Simple actions can have a meaningful impact to improve productivity, reduce ergonomic-related injuries and minimize overall claim costs. At PROergonomics, we believe that it’s important to spend time training and learning so that you can advance your ergonomics program and the conference sessions have been designed to do just that.

Your conference registration fee includes:

  • Hot lunch, coffee and tea
  • Your choice of 2 dynamic workshops delivered by Certified Professional Ergonomists
  • Continuing education points for your designation (CSSE, HRPA, CRSP)
  • Packed attendee package including many great handouts, tools and training strategies to help you get started with improving your ergonomics program today!

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MORNING SESSION (choose one)

1: Design Ergonomics

Regardless of the work environment (e.g. office, manufacturing, clinical, etc.), several factors must be considered during the design phase of a workstation, including the available space, heights of the work surfaces, tasks performed/work flow, need for adjustability, lighting, and accessibility. This session will provide insight into the various ergonomic principles to consider during the design phase and how to conduct a proper assessment prior to implementation or construction to eliminate the likelihood of injuries.

2: The Many Roles of a Job Demands Assessment (JDA)

All jobs, as intensive as they may be, have both essential and non-essential job duties that can be accurately identified through a Job Demands Assessment (JDA). A JDA is an objective document used to assess both the physical (e.g. strength requirements, postural demands, etc.) and the cognitive (e.g. memory, supervisory duties, attention to detail, etc.) requirements of any given job.  This session will expand on what elements should be included in a quality JDA and how you can efficiently implement such documents into your company practice.


3: Get Started Today! A Simple Ergonomic Hazard Assessment Strategy

It’s not uncommon for ergonomic issues to be identified and addressed after an injury occurs, in a reactive manner, if at all. Instead, a proactive approach to addressing the root cause of ergonomic hazards stresses the idea of injury prevention through recognition and anticipation of these risks, ideally before an injury occurs. This session will provide basic ideas on how to evaluate or design your workspace, including the various elements to consider, stakeholders to include in the process, and types of controls to consider for improvement.

4: Participatory Ergonomics – Program/Committee

The primary goal of workplace ergonomics is to minimize, or better yet, eliminate musculoskeletal disorders caused from work-related hazards. Participatory Ergonomics (PE) assists in this by enlisting the involvement of workers, supervisors, and other workplace staff (e.g. health & safety committee) in the planning, identification, and addressing of ergonomic concerns. This session will delve deeper into factors contributing to a successful PE program (and ones that may cause it to flop), strategies to implement an effective PE program in your workplace, and finally, how to assess the overall effectiveness of the program to ensure sustainability and continued success.

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“I loved that the conference was not a sales pitch.  It was educational and information and gave me specific action items I could immediately implement in the workplace.”

Cindy Wilson, Beclawat

  • Event: Conference
  • Date: Jun 15, 2017

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