Building an Ergonomics Committee's Success

Are you working through your ergonomic issues via an Ergonomics Committee or your Joint Health and Safety Committee? Many companies find it challenging to make head way on their ergonomic issues until they become an epidemic. Why you ask? Simply put, companies may have challenges elevating the risk of an ergonomic concern above that of their many hazardous health & safety issues. Often they won’t identify an ergonomic concern until complaint frequency is high and claims may be on the rise. This is where the benefit of having an Ergonomics Committee comes in as it allows all aspects of ergonomics to take a leading role and the risks to be assessed on a more even playing field.

This webinar will discuss the most frequent mistakes committees make when dealing with ergonomic issues and the best ways to overcome them through program development, process, controls and worker participation. Register today to learn the benefits of creating an Ergonomics Committee or enhance your current Ergonomics Team by walking through the learning experiences of 3 companies that successfully undertook an Ergonomic Committee initiative.

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Aug 20, 2015
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