The Toxicity of Sitting: Can we really compare it to smoking?

It is hard to believe that something as simple as sitting is now being compared to the well-known lethalness of smoking. Although research has a long history of correlating sitting with back pain and various corresponding MSD disorders, newer studies have been providing a shocking amount of research supporting the combined effects on many well-known illnesses and diseases. Increased risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease and cancer are now all reportedly on the list of reasons why we should be sitting less.

This session will review the impact sitting whether it be at your office desk, in your car or at home on the couch is having on our health. Some simple (and some not so simple) ergonomic solutions on how your company can make an impact on your employees health will be provided.

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Jul 22, 2014
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