Part 1: MSD Reduction Through Holistic PROACTIVE Program Development

Since the pandemic onset, one of our most requested services has been for assistance with a Comprehensive Ergonomic Program. Industries around the world have been affected in different ways, from slowed business to booming business, reduced staffing resources, increased injuries, changed operations to enable WFH and more. No matter the reason for the request, a musculoskeletal injury prevention plan starts with the basics to review what is existing and determine what is needed for implementation and overall success.

This month’s webinar will be broken up into two segments running one week apart and will review everything from the basic to the best-in-class ergonomic program elements that will make a drastic impact to your MSD injuries, operational efficiencies and overall success of your ergonomics program. Whether you are starting from scratch or building on an already existing program, there will be something for everyone.

PART 1 (Oct 29): MSD REDUCTION: Through Holistic PROACTIVE Program Development

PART 2 (Nov 5): FINE TUNE YOUR ERGONOMICS PROGRAM: Ask the Expert Virtual Panel with all three PROergonomics Owners (Click here to register for Part 2)

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Oct 29, 2021
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