OMHRA 2021 Fall Conference and Annual General Meeting

September 15th – 17th, 2021

In true Ontario fashion, municipal employers and employees have pulled together over the past eighteen months to support and protect one another. Now, we are ready to come together again – albeit virtually.

OMHRA’s 2021 Fall Conference program, titled “The Next Normal,” will equip you with the practical information, techniques and tools that municipal human resource leaders need to manage the return to the workplace.

Regardless of whether you’re from an urban, rural or remote municipality, you will enjoy the rich content at this year’s Conference. While we regret that we are not able to gather in person, we are delighted that you have carved time out of your busy schedules to join in a virtual format. You will be able to navigate the conference venue with ease in a visually rich environment that is friendly and interactive.

Jen McGillis will be presenting on Sept 15th @ 3:00-3:30 p.m.

"MSD Prevention Program Planning for the Future of Work"

As we transition to a new work model, HR Professionals have been tasked with creating and updating policies and programs to address the new realities of the working landscape – supporting and managing staff working from home.

Ensuring your staff are protected from injuries while at their home office can be challenging as there is less control of their space, set-up and equipment. As a result, the MSD Prevention Policy and Program needs to be adaptable to accommodate a variety of environments. This session will focus on establishing a baseline, self-assessment practices, flexible training models and encouraging good work methods at the home office

  • Event: Conference
  • Date: Sep 15, 2021
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