MSD Prevention Programs: Tackling Training for all Stakeholders

As part of the Internal Responsibility System (IRS) at a workplace, employers, supervisors, JHSC members and employees all play key roles in identifying and addressing workplace hazards - and that includes musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) hazards. Typically, this begins with the development of an MSD Prevention Program, a multifaceted document that is the road map to how an employer is going to protect workers from MSD injuries. One of the key components of that MSD Prevention Program is how an employer will ensure their staff is knowledgeable about ergonomics, MSDs and strategies for preventing injuries.

This webinar will dive into building comprehensive training strategies for all the key stakeholders within an organization: frontline staff, supervisors/management and JHSC, mapping out content for each group and discussing elements related to delivery options, including in-person, online and other hybrid based approaches, highlighting how different styles and formats can help an organization deliver sustainable training.

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Jun 24, 2021
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