HRPA 2021 Annual Conference & Trade Show

PROergonomics is excited to be speaking at this year’s HRPA Annual Conference & Trade Show: January 26-29, 2021

Exploring the theme HR REBOOTED — ADVANCED HR IN A WORLD DISRUPTED – the 2021 HRPA Annual Conference will address key issues facing HR Professionals today, from managing through the pandemic to addressing issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

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The Ergonomics of Working Remotely: Lessons Learned from COVID-19

  • Presented by: Jennifer McGillis, M.Sc., R.Kin., CPE
  • Date: January 26
  • Time: 11:05 - 11:50AM
  • Session # 103

Working at home was unexpected, and employers were unprepared to address the physical and psychological issues of sending staff to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Data collected during COVID-19 found more than 74% of employers sent staff home with only a laptop, and nearly all remote workers were working at makeshift locations like kitchen tables, couches, and even their beds. When polled,>65% of employees stated that their home workstation set-up caused them to adopt awkward and unsafe body postures. The lack of equipment and resources made for less than ideal workstations, negatively impacting the productivity, comfort and overall stress of employees.

Bridging the Cognitive Demands of Working At Home vs. In-house

  • Presented by: Sarah Snable, R.Kin., CCPE
  • Date: January 26
  • Time: 3:15 - 4:00PM
  • Session # 116

Everything changed with COVID-19; staff who had never worked remotely worked full time from home, with partners, kids, and various distractions. Management of these workers may have been different; more flexible, less stringent hourly requirements, varying hours, flexible project deadlines. Now staff are back at the office, and we’re faced with managing difficult things; How did working at home change the work we do? Can they continue to work remotely? How frequently? Which staff are struggling with coming back to the office? What organizational plan is in place to reintegrate staff into the workplace? Companies should consider assessing and comparing the cognitive demands pre- and post- working at home to better understand these issues. The information contained in a Cognitive Demands Assessment (CDA) maps out the job requirements and can compare the differences between working at home and in the office. Thorough documentation of these demands can assist with successful job accommodations for workers struggling with reintegration and can provide a road map for success.

  • Event: Conference
  • Date: Jan 27, 2021
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