Preparing for a Future of Remote Work

Free webinar hosted by CSSE

Presented by Jennifer McGillis, R.Kin, CPE of PROergonomics.

COVID-19 highlighted the fact that many workplaces were not fully prepared for staff to work remotely; finding themselves without remote work policies, inadequate equipment, and a general lack of direction/education for staff on how to work from home safely.

Remote work though, appears to be here to stay. Several polls and surveys conducted across North America have indicated that staff will be looking for more remote work options and will be expecting employers to provide flexible work solutions as part of their retention package. This shift necessitates a comprehensive remote work strategy to ensure workplaces are preparing for and protecting staff and themselves from the costs associated with MSD injuries caused by poor home office set-up.

Join us to discuss key elements of a remote work policy including expectation setting, training programs and equipment considerations/provisions to address staff’s home ergonomic needs.

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Aug 19, 2020
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