TrainHR Webinar: Effective Management of MSD Injuries in an Office


Office ergonomics impacts every workplace in the world. Whether a corporate HR/H&S Manager with hundreds of employees or an entrepreneur working from a home office, ergonomics plays a role in the comfort and productivity of yourself and your employee(s).

This webinar will review methods to most effectively manage MSD injuries in the office, considering proactive and reactive assessment practices, procurement and equipment standards, and training and education designed to improve employee work practices and equipment set-up.

Why you should Attend:

MSDs account for >33% of workplace injuries in North America, an estimated 1/3 of days away from work cases and on average, employees with an MSD injury take more days off from work that those with other types of workplace injuries and illnesses.

As a result, the costs associated with these types of injuries is staggering, estimated between 15 and 22 billion annually in the USA and Canada making MSDs one of the costliest medical conditions in North America.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Office ergonomic setup principles
  • Workstation design/procurement
  • Current trends (e.g. sit-stand, hoteling, working remotely)
  • Reporting process
  • Managing assessment requests

Who Will Benefit:

  • H&S Professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Disability Management Professionals
  • Facilities Managers


Jennifer McGillis is a Certified Professional Ergonomist, Registered Kinesiologist with the College Kinesiologists of Ontario, and co-owner of PROergonomics, an ergonomic consulting company focused on preventing and addressing MSDs in all workplaces based in Ontario, Canada. Jennifer McGillis has over 12 years’ experience working with organizations to address their ergonomic challenges through training, assessments and program development.

Her passion is training and coaching on ergonomics, specifically working with change makers and front-line staff to generate discussion and create problem-based learning opportunities.

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  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Jul 09, 2020
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