#movethedial Stories+: When Worlds Collide

We are thrilled that Alexandra Stinson will be a guest expert for this online event! She will be sharing some ergonomic tips and tricks at @joinmovethedial's Stories+ event on March 26!

About the online event:

How can you be your happiest, healthiest and most productive self at home?

With many of us self-isolating, we may find ourselves experiencing solitude, working while being a caregiver, trying to to be productive amid new distractions—all while avoiding burning out. Join us for our first-ever virtual Stories+ event where we will hear the personal stories of leaders and advice from experts who are experienced at working from home.

Have a Question? Ask Our Panelists!

You'll be able to submit questions for our speakers throughout the event. During the last 15 minutes, we'll pool your questions and bring our speakers back for an interactive Q&A session.


1:00PM - Remarks & #movethedial Stories+

1:45PM - Q&A

2:00PM - Event Concludes

  • Event: Conference
  • Date: Mar 26, 2020
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