HRPA 2019 Annual Conference: Speaker

2017 CSA Office Ergonomic Standard: Steps to Ensure Compliance

Presented by: Sarah Snable, R.Kin., CCP

11:00-12:00 pm, January 30, 2019.

Room: 716B Session #: 120

Are you compliant? In December 2017, the CSA Guideline on Office Ergonomics underwent a transformation to become the CSA Standard “Office Ergonomics – An application standard for workplace ergonomics.” Most notable is the significant update to reflect more modern work practices and current research on the health effects of sitting. The evolution of the guideline means that many workplaces should revisit their office ergonomics program to ensure they are compliant with this new standard. Hear a summary of the updates that will help you evaluate and improve your existing workplace program and ensure that your workplace is compliant. This talk qualifies for CPD hours.

Learning Objectives

Understand the CSA Z412-17 Standard and how it has changed from previous versions:

  • Find out about the impact of these changes on your workplace
  • Evaluate your existing workplace program to determine gaps/deficiencies
  • Learn how to address gaps within an existing office ergonomics program
  • Event: Conference
  • Date: Jan 30, 2019

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building
255 Front St W
Toronto, ON , M5V 2W6
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