The "Low-hanging Fruit" of Ergonomics

Sometimes the word ergonomics makes people see dollar signs. We get it, improving jobs and tasks sometimes comes at a cost – but not always. When we do a risk assessment we don’t often recommend automation or projects that involve large capital investments and if we do, you can bet there are also some things the client can tackle immediately to start to see positive change at the worksite knowing that the big changes are a ways down the road.

Some examples might include work method suggestions, layout of tools and parts at a workstation, changing the flow of parts or even workplace training. Allow employees to embrace the "Work Smarter not Harder" mentality by giving them the tools to identify ergonomic hazards in their jobs and the power to address them by making small changes to their everyday tasks.

Join us this month as we discuss some of the ‘low hanging fruit’, or quick and easy things, that we often recommend to address the MSD hazards we see when we are out at a worksite.

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Jan 24, 2019
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